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Tasting the white wine STARESINA from Winery Lazar from Macedonia ( June 2020 )

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As a member of Love and Wine club you will be privileged to :

– taste the premium quality wines and food

– invite your loved ones to a special event

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Who we are?

“Where there is no WINE, there is no LOVE “- Euripides

We are small team, big on knowledge and passion on delicious Balkan food and wines.

We established our team in London, in 2020 when Biljana Zeroska gathered some wine lovers who believed that Love and Wine is the best match of all and that experience that you would take with us will last forever.

We are delighted to provide:

  • An extraordinary Love and Wine events in London where you can have a unique experience of tasting the famous Balkan food, matching with the high-quality wines.
  • Free membership to all potential members of the Club “Love and Wine “where you can enjoy our events on special price, finding some new friendships or maybe future partners …
  • To provide good value holiday in the premium wine regions of the Balkan, starting from Ancient Macedonia then Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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